In Escudería24 we create unique models and unedited pieces in limited series, offering the possibility of being superdetailed conform to the specifications of our customers. Sometimes other manufacturer’s kits are modified to the needs of our customers, that is, are customized to become unique pieces, real gems prized by collectors.
A superdetailed model can be chosen with elements beyond what the kit provides when is bought. For example the specific motor for a standard kit which does not include supplied by the manufacturer a different race version, color, etc …
Changes and transformations in all cases involve a thorough job of documentation. The same vehicle may have subtle changes from one race to another or from one year to another. Often someone can choose to follow the same car evolution in all it’s sporting history.
Usually craft kits have a basic level of detail. Superdetailed kits manage to capture the complexity of a real race car, mechanics, technology and true nature. We offer a range of accessories to complement kits ranging from photoetched metal, adhesive decals and other materials to create unique models at the request of our customers.
The guidelines of our clients are always studied. If personal preferences are in stake these are properly valued offering endless possibilities of detail or transform in order to suit client’s preferences.